Timers & Contactors

Timers & Contactors

The majority of plants need specific light-cycles to grow and flower correctly. A regular light switch timer won’t be enough to make sure High Intensity Lighting (HID) is switched on properly. These light timers can’t handle the load and will most likely stop working very quickly.

Safety comes first when it comes to your grow room, especially relating to electrics. Our contactors and timers are of the highest quality, providing you with peace of mind where safety and plant growth are concerned.

Light Switch Timer Solutions for Your Grow Room

Manual switching is a possibility, but it’s highly impractical. It often leads to costly timing mistakes that tend to result in plants dying. HID lighting’s electrical load is very high and could easily cause a fire if you don’t have a good timer socket. You may have noticed timers breaking and causing lights to stay in the ‘on’ position (due to the high inductive load of these lights fusing the timer when they come on).

Contactors and relays are used in hydroponics for a safe and reliable turning on and off of HID lights. They create a loop that allows the timer to tell the relay when it’s time to either engage or disengage the light. The surge of power from the ballast never passes through it, allowing for a highly safe solution.

Let us Know About Your Hydroponic Timers Needs

If you want a high-quality light switch timer or contactor, make sure to find a shop stocking our products. You can also become a stockist of some of the UK’s leading brands in hydroponics.

We stock only the best products for your grow room, providing the perfect solutions so that you can control your light cycles with the utmost precision.

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