Rhino Silent Fan Controllers

Rhino Silent Fan Controllers

Developed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, these Rhino silent fan controllers will eliminate buzzing and humming to ensure silent climate control. Housed in a durable steel casing with a galvanised back panel, they’re ready to hang either inside or outside of the grow room. All versions are available with a 2A or 8A capacity depending on the needs of the grower.

The Perfect Fan Controller for All Grow Rooms

Let a Rhino fan controller do the work and accurately control the air exchange in your grow room. These controllers also keep your grow room at the desired temperature day and night. A better environment leads to better results, as it’s one of the defining factors in hydroponics.

The Rhino Silent Day/Night Climate Controller can be used to provide your grow room with a silent fan or two, being used with both intake and extraction. Should you control two fans, they can both be set to different speeds for the “lights on” and “lights off” periods. You can also use this fan controller to switch on a heater to help control temperatures.

Negative pressure is maintained with these durable silent fan controllers. They’re housed in high-quality, durable steel casings with a galvanised back panels. You can hang them either inside or outside of your grow room.

Let Us Know About Your Silent Fan Needs

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