Rhino Carbon Filters

Rhino Carbon Filters

From the world’s leading hydroponics air filter manufacturer, Rhino carbon filters for grow tents combine the purest carbon with state of the art design to create a carbon filter for grow tents that effectively removes grow room odour. With a 2-year lifespan and bigger pores than any other carbon filter, odours are trapped quicker and more efficiently.

Rhino Carbon Filters have become the essential filters to ensure a clean and odour-free grow room. High-quality and reliable, a Rhino carbon filter will give you peace of mind that odours will be easily controlled.

Find the Carbon Filter You Need

Every filter is checked and certified to confirm the source and quality of the carbon. Both our Pro and Hobby filter ranges use virgin granulated carbon and are made from lightweight aluminium for easy handling. The only difference is that the carbon bed is deeper in the Pro filter for a longer life.

The pores abdsorb (not absorb!) smell particles as they pass through the filter, becoming stuck on the carbon’s surface – where they stay trapped – instead of becoming one with the carbon. Rhino have designed a carbon filter that provides a happy medium between the size of the carbon particles and the air pockets. If the carbon particles are too large, the air pockets in between them will also be too large, leading to air particles going through un-filtered.

Rhino carbon filters allow for optimal airflow for your plants and grow room, in addition to providing the best possible performance. These hardy filters take every detail into account, from the carbon particles to the hardness and magnetic charge, to provide top overall performance.

Contact Us to Learn About Our Filters

At Nutriculture, we only supply the highest quality of carbon filters. The Rhino filters are composed of the finest virgin activated carbon – the Australian RC412. If you’re looking for the perfect odour removal solution, you can find a shop near you to provide your grow room with the best carbon filter.

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