Reflective Sheeting

Reflective Sheeting

Reflective sheeting is perfect to efficiently transform any space into a grow room. Providing the needed lightning will give better and bigger yields, and reflective sheeting maximises light as much as possible. This sheeting diffuses light and spreads it to bigger areas of plants, including foliage and lower sections.

Give your plants even distribution and help to contain heat in the grow room with reflective sheeting. From Encapsulated Metal Protection against moisture, heat, and handling from Metagro (for a flame retardant solution), to EasyGrow’s sheeting, we have the lowest prices from the best brands.

Reflective and Plastic Sheeting for the Grow Room

Building a grow room with plastic sheeting or reflective sheeting will help to reduce the needed amount of grow lights. You won’t need a large quantity or high powered lights, as the sheeting easily reflects the light.

Through using hydroponic reflective sheeting, there’s a minimised risk of damaging plants with too much heat. And reflective sheeting can be cut to fit any measurement of grow room walls, providing a more even coverage and distribution.

High-quality sheeting will help maintain photoperiod integrity in addition to providing resistance to mould, algae, and mildew. Synthetic poly film, for example, often comes in white or black reflective sheeting, and it has a 90% reflectivity rating.

Need Reflective Sheeting for Grow Rooms? Get in Touch

When adding reflective material to a grow room, it’s vital to keep in mind the proximity to plants. Good airflow and small distances between the plants and the sheeting will benefit the former’s health and growth.

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