From germinating crops to simply hardening off young plants in the grow room, all growers utilise hydroponic propagation in some form or another. Increase your success rates with a propagator from Nutriculture’s range of hydroponic products.

Give your plants the best possible start with a hydroponic propagator which will:

  • Even heat dispersion.
  • Balance humidity levels.
  • Maintain accurate temperatures.

At Nutriculture we have everything you need for your grow room.

Expert Hydroponic Propagation Solutions

The Vitopod propagator allows you to set your desired temperature within 1°C due to the ultra-accurate thermostat probe. This provides an even distribution of heat without hot or cold spots, allowing for even growth. The adjustable vents provide the utmost control over airflow and humidity too. The Vitopod also allows for height adjustment as your plants grow through every propagation stage.

The X-Stream Aeroponic propagator has a unique environment that provides incredible root development, resulting in plants that are ready for transplantation sooner. Root rot and drying out are prevented with the mist and the unrestricted oxygen access. You can expect faster growth and an increased resistance to disease and stress.

The X-Stream Heat propagator adjusts temperature levels between 5°C and 30°C so that you can accurately adjust the hydroponic propagation environment. In addition to being easy to use, the X-Stream Heat is perfect for serious growers, as it can fit three trays of Grodan SBS cubes.

Get in Touch for Your Hydroponic Propagation Needs

If you want to know more about our hydroponic propagation solutions, make sure to contact us on 01695 554 080 or 01226 320 850 or fill in the contact form for more information. We have a wide variety of hydroponic solutions for your grow room, ideal for both beginners and experts.

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