Vitopod Propagators


Vitopod is a deluxe propagator, coldframe and mini greenhouse in one.

It allows growers to adjust humidity, heat and height. Truly unique, it is the Rolls Royce of propagators.

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Heat – Seeds or cuttings are placed on the heated base using any propagation medium. Desired temperature is set – within a range of to 5°C to 30°C – using the digital thermostat. Ultra accurate thermostat probe is placed inside the propagator to read and maintain the desired temperature to within 1°C. Heat is dispersed evenly across the base, unlike most heated propagators there are no hot or cold spots; so no uneven growth.

Humidity – Vitopod layers and lids sit on top of the heated base maintaining the ideal propagation environment. Vitopod has adjustable vents on both the lids and side panels of the propagator, allowing growers maximum control over humidity and airflow. As plants develop, vents are gradually opened to reduce humidity and increase airflow to harden off before transplanting.

Height – Vitopod allows the grower to set the ultimate environment for each stage of propagation. Seeds can be germinated using the lids placed directly onto the base for maximum humidity. Add a layer as plants begin to develop, then add a second layer and grow young plants on until completely root bound, then harden off and transplant.

More Information

Why the Vitopod produces great results

  • Ultimate control over heat and humidity.
  • Even heat dispersion, no hot or cold spots.
  • Ideal environment for each stage of propagation.

The benefits of the Vitopod

  • Ultimate control for ultimate success – adjust every element to suit the specific grow area and achieve the best results possible.
  • Even growth – no hot or cold spots means plants develop at the same rate and can be transplanted together.
  • Range of sizes – large Vitopod base fits 3 trays of Grodan SBS cubes, small Vitopod is ideal for the keen hobbyist growing on a smaller scale.
  • Quality – top of the range propagator uses top of the range components; digital thermostat is ultra accurate and lids and layers are built to last.

Questions & Answers

Golden rule: Adjust the height of the propagator to suit the stage of propagation: germinate seeds using just the lids and base, cultivate seedlings or cuttings by adding one height layer and add a second layer to protect – then harden off – young plants.

Harden off plants in three stages; gradually open vents to reduce humidity and increase airflow, then remove just the lids and leave the layers on, finally remove the lids and layers altogether. Gradual acclimatisation reduces the risk of transplant shock.