Plant Magic Bio-Silicon


Bio-Silicon is specially formulated for soil/compost users containing a unique blend of humic and silicate to increase your crops performance. Larger stems and stronger plants are abundantly visible using this product.

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A unique blend of humic and silicate specially formulated for soil applications.

Bio-Silicon strengthens cell walls resulting in visibly thicker stems and reduced risk of snapping. It also boosts plant metabolism, increasing photosynthesis and sugar production leading to bigger, sweeter yields.

Silicon plays a vital role in the development of plants.  It is a proven fact that cultivation is greatly improved as well as stimulating and increasing the plants metabolism, which helps build a barrier against fungal penetration as well as hardening off leaf tissue to prevent smaller pests attacking crops.

Bio-Silicon can be used throughout the entire growth cycle.

Available in 125ml, 250ml & 1L.