Ora Reverse Osmosis (RO) System


This easy to use, ultra-slim, self-flushing RO system will provide pH neutral water, removing unwanted minerals, bacteria and heavy metals to leave clear, clean, crisp water.

Why it’s great:
The Ora RO System removes chemicals, contaminants, and up to 99% of mineral salts that contribute to the hardness of water. It uses 4 levels of filtration, so you’re left with only clean, pH neutral water that is ideal for use with everything from humidifiers to hydroponic systems and for mixing powdered nutrients.
Ora RO machine processed water produces no powdery residue, which also protects your equipment and increases the useable life of your expensive hydroponic products too.

The easy to read digital display highlights each filters’ usable life and indicates when replacements are required.

  • Simple click and fit installation
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Easily replaceable filters

Includes 4 unique filter cartridges:

  • Stage 1 polypropylene pre-filter
  • Stage 2 block carbon filter
  • Stage 3 RO membrane filter
  • Stage 4 post active carbon filter

The unit comes complete with all 4 filters and fittings – Perfect for growers who value a cleaner, higher quality crop!

TIP: The water from the RO system is great for use alongside the Ora humidifier to stop build up of salts within the unit.