NFT Multi-Ducts


Nutsystems Multi-Ducts are large NFT systems ideal if you’ve got a long space with limited headroom.

The long planting channels (up to 8ft long) and low height reservoir enable you to make the most of your growing space – even in spaces with little headroom.

And because our Multi-Ducts utilise the Nutrient Film Technique which provides plants with almost unlimited access to oxygen, water and nutrients in perfect balance you can expect yields typically 3x larger than traditional soil methods.



Multi-Ducts are high-yielding complete hydroponic growing systems which enable growers to manage a large number of plants from one low-lying integrated reservoir – dramatically up-scaling the number of plants and yield, without increasing workload.

Each Multi-Duct has long planting channels above its low-lying reservoir. Plants are placed in rockwool blocks onto the channels and the roots grow along the channels where they have unrestricted access to oxygen.

Nutrient solution is constantly pumped up from the reservoir to the ‘channel’ and flows over the roots of the plants. Whatever the plants don’t use drains back into the reservoir ready to be passed over the roots again and the solution in the reservoir is emptied and replenished every 2-3 weeks to maintain a perfect balance of essential nutrient elements.

The constant supply of water and nutrition to the roots combined with unlimited access to oxygen means growers find that plants are healthier, faster growing and produce up to 3 – 4x more yield than if growing using traditional soil methods.



More Information

Why Multi-Ducts produce great results

Multi-Ducts are Nutrient Film Technique systems (NFT), which is renowned for producing plants which are healthier, faster growing and heavier yielding.

  • Roots can access oxygen unrestricted by growing media.
    Greater uptake of water and nutrients.
  • No nutrient build up or depletion. Because there’s virtually no growing media the nutrients don’t become too concentrated and build up into damaging salts, and because the reservoir is emptied and refreshed regularly the nutrients never become depleted.

The benefits of Nutriculture NFT Systems.

  • Proven results – up to 4x greater yield than conventional growing methods.
  • Reduce manual watering frequency – connect a Nutriculture Auto Top Up system to the Multi-Duct system and plants can be left unattended for longer periods.
  • Less waste – the only growing medium used is the rockwool blocks the plants are started in.

Questions & Answers

Golden Rule: Ensure plants are root bound before they go into the system. An abundance of white roots should be visible on the outside of the starter media.

  • As a rule of thumb: 1 plant per square foot. This can be increased or decreased depending on plant variety.
  • Pump runs for 24hrs, with no need for a segmental timer or feeding schedule.
  • Completely remove plastic wrapping from rockwool cubes or remove pots if using soil or coco, this allows the roots to access more oxygen.
  • NFT is a bare rooted growing technique. All but the smallest of plants will need additional support, i.e. yoyo’s or pea netting.
  • Cut lengths of spreader mat long enough to allow a overhang of a few inches from the channel into the tank. No trickling water sounds!