House & Garden Amino Treatment


Amino treatment is a revolutionary growth enhancer. Combines extra fine silicon with amino acids to increase cell development and boost growth.

Needs to be seen to be believed!

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This all-round amino acid and silica booster has a well-deserved reputation as a ground-breaking blend.

The premium amino acids increase chlorophyll production to speed-up photosynthesis. This results in larger, better-formed flowers and increased flavours and aromas.

To prevent pest attacks we’ve added premium organic mono-silicic acid. This creates a protective epidermal cell layer over leaves and stems making the leaves taste bad to pests.

Can be used in soil, coco & hydroponics.

  • Robust root system
  • Stronger stems
  • Faster growth
  • Greener leaves
  • Increased yields
  • Pest and disease resistance
  • Includes a stabiliser to maintain pH

Use Amino Treatment with each watering until 3 weeks before harvest.

0.2-1ml of Amino Treatment to 1L of nutrient solution.