Pots & Trays

Pots & Trays

Hydroponic grow systems are not all alike, and as a result different hydroponic pots and growing trays are required. For example, the ever popular Wilma system requires a hydroponic grow tray or pot that’s fairly solid, as typically a drip feed is needed for individual plants, and a tray is also essential to allow excess solution to run back into the reservoir.

Nutriculture stocks a full range of hydroponic pots and trays to meet your needs, and maintains highly competitive prices. From pruning pots to fabric pots, aquatrays and smart pots, to circular and square pots, you can find whatever you need in our stock. Among both first-timers and experienced growers, hand watering with pots and trays has a huge following. Browse our range of hydroponic growing trays and pots to find what you need.

Hydroponic Trays for Hydroponic Grow Systems

Hydroponic trays are vital containers of growing substrate and are important to support plants. There is a wide range of grow media that can be placed in the trays to create the grow bed, such as Rockwool, clay pebbles, coco coir, vermiculite, and perlite.

Small trays can be used for seedlings, seed starting, herb growing and more, while large trays are great options for a wider range of plants. Hydroponic pots can be used for a cost-effective and quality option to improve root growth. They help to control the temperature of the grow media, have great nutrient uptake, and super drainage.

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Become a stockist of hydroponic trays and pots from some of the leading brands in the UK, providing your customers with the best possible solutions. If you’re looking to buy pots or trays for your grow room, you can easily find a shop near you.

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