Nutriculture’s hydroponics lighting systems are designed to keep your plants growing from propagation, all the way through to vegetation and flowering stages. Fruit and flower bearing plants tend to require up to 6 hours of bright sunlight every day, and up to 14 hours of additional general bright light.

The high-efficiency quality of our hydroponic lights ensures that plants receive the light they need for stronger growth. You’ll find your yields grow quicker and tastier with the right lights for your growing needs.

Expert LED Grow Lights UK Suppliers

Hydroponic lights have been developed after decades of research into high-quality lighting solutions. LED lights, for example, possess the following benefits:

  • Great for indoor growth
  • Have no toxic substances
  • Can be 100% recycled
  • Can create only the specific wavelengths which are ideal for plant growth

Hydroponic lights are perfect for fulfilling those very particular requirements and more.

Our stock includes a wide assortment of high-pressure sodium (HPS), compact fluorescent (CFL) and ceramic metal halide (CMH) lights, as well as timers, reflectors and more in addition to LED lights. The proper installation of hydroponic lights is essential for adequate plant development. CFL lights, for example, emit very little heat and can be safely utilised during plants’ early development stages.

Plants receive the light they need for photosynthesis and growth without any danger. A variety of hydroponic setups allow for hydroponic lights to be either raised or lowered according to plant height. The lights need to placed close to the plants so they can benefit, but not too close or they’ll suffer heat damage.

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