Grow Systems

Grow Systems

Replacing sun and nutrients in hydroponics requires a balanced grow system to ensure plants have everything they need. A great thing about hydroponic grow systems is that you can choose to grow your plants with or without a medium.

A hydroponic grow system provides nutrients directly to your plants’ roots for faster and stronger growth, alongside a tastier yield. Choose from drip systems, Ebb & Flood, or even an Aeroponic grow system for a different, more effective grow solution.

High-quality Hydroponic Grow System Solutions

A hydroponic grow system can be classed as either active or passive. The majority of our hydroponic grow systems are active, offering the best results.

Active Hydroponics 

Active hydroponics is when a nutrient solution is actively delivered to the plants’ roots via a pump. No growing medium is necessary in active hydro, which allows for an abundance of oxygen into the root zone. This constant supply of oxygen, water and nutrients results in optimum growth and yields.

Passive Hydroponics 

Passive hydroponics involves a nutrient solution being constantly available to the plant via the capillary action of the growing media, without a pump being involved. Although it’s more effective than traditional growing methods, passive hydroponics relies on absorbent growing medium. This limits the amount of oxygen in the rootzone compared with active hydroponics.

Contact us About Our Hydroponic Growing Systems

We have a variety of hydroponic grow systems for plants to grow healthy and happy, sure to suit your growing needs. From NFT, Oxypots, Ebb & Flood, to Aeroponics, IWS and DWC – at Nutriculture we have what you need to successfully grow your plants. A hydroponic growing system can be the answer to your growing needs. Simply get in touch on 01695 554 080 or 01226 320 850 to learn more about hydroponic grow systems. You can also contact us to become a stockist of some of the UK’s leading brands in hydroponics.

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