Grow Room Climate Control

Grow Room Climate Control

One of the most important things to consider in your grow room is the environment. High-quality and high-yields need a precise environment that can be both difficult and time consuming to upkeep.

Automate your plants’ growth and increase the time you can stay away from your plants with a grow room controller. Reducing human errors is vital for the optimum growth of your plants, and this also includes maintaining your grow room’s environment.

A Grow Room Controller You Can Rely On

Rhino is one of the most trusted climate control brands, bringing you quality in every product. When growing hydroponically, maintaining a good environment is essential for healthier plants. Rhino is the go-to brand for effective grow room fans and filters that maintain air flow and remove odours.

The carbon in our filters is pure: our fans are virtually indestructible and our grow room fan controllers are ultra-reliable. These top of the range ventilation products offer ultimate climate control, giving you mastery over grow room ventilation that will absolutely not let you down.

Rhino fans are built to provide every grower with a high-quality grow room controller solution. Keep your room at a steady temperature with a single speed fan, or have more accurate control over temperatures in summer and winter with a twin speed fan. You can also choose a thermostatically controlled fan, which lets you set your ideal temperature and keep it consistent even if the surrounding environment has temperature changes.

Contact Us for Grow Room Climate Control Solutions

Whether you need grow room ventilation for temperature or odour control, we have only the highest quality products on offer. Rhino fans and air control solutions are ideal for grow rooms of all sizes. Whether you’re a hydroponics beginner or you’re an experienced grower, at Nutriculture we have everything you could need.

Should you have any questions about our grow room ventilation solutions, just give our team a call on 01695 554 080 or 01226 320 850.

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