Fans & Accessories

Fans & Accessories

Grow rooms depend upon ventilation, and that’s why grow room fans are an invaluable investment. Plenty of fresh air or a CO2 controller make sure that your plants get all the carbon dioxide they need to grow effectively, and grow room fans also maintain the correct air temperature and humidity of a room.

Grow room accessories like a carbon filter will also help to remove odours, making sure that your grow room environment is optimal. Browse the stock of available products at Nutriculture to access some of the most advanced hydroponic systems, including Rhino fans that are capable of regulating air flow without making a sound.

High-Quality Fan Speed Controller Solutions

It can be difficult to have reliable control over your extraction fan without a fan speed controller. Just plugging a fan into the mains won’t let you adjust its speed – you need to be able to change the speed to ensure that the optimal amount of air goes into your grow room.

This control over a room’s temperature is essential for every hydroponic grow room: particularly within closed ones. Your plants need a fresh air source to remain healthy and grow properly, and these solutions help to accomplish that.

Get in Touch for Grow Room Fans and Accessories

At Nutriculture we continuously strive to provide not only an extensive collection of products relating to fans, but also a diverse and high-quality one. Are you looking for a new fan or fan speed controller? Our stockists will have what you need.

You can find a shop stocking our collection or simply get in touch for expert industry advice and guidance. Contact us on 01695 554 080 or 01226 320 850 to know more.

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