Our founder John Molyneux originally created the NutSystems brand to market his innovative hydro systems to a rapidly expanding market of independent growers.

John's passion for innovation still drives us to this day. Our product development team of systems designers, technical specialists, and quality controllers works to continually refine and improve our active hydro systems and develop new market-leading products.

We've kept the design and manufacturing process in-house, using robust and proven components to ensure quality.

Each unit is then hand-inspected before shipping to our customers around the globe. If a system doesn't meet our strict standards, it doesn't leave our workshop.

And we don't only develop the systems-we use them ourselves, season after season. Our on-site grow rooms, glasshouse and polytunnel allow us to test, monitor and improve each of our products based on real-world growing conditions.

We're just as passionate about sustainability. We use ecologically sound materials including recycled plastics, and strive to continually improve the energy efficiency of our systems. Better for the environment, and better for growers.