Nutriculture was founded in 1976 by John Molyneux, a leading figure in hydroponics who combined an academic background in horticulture with a vision to make hydro systems efficient for small and medium-scale growers.

To bring his first design, the Gro-Tank, to market, John had to start from scratch, experimenting with fibreglass and later vac-forming to produce small-batch systems for individual growers, developing his own nutrient mixes, dosage charts, and writing growing guides to educate his customers.

John continued to innovate, developing new systems, nutrients and guides for a rapidly expanding market of independent growers.

His passion for finding new ways to increase yields and improve quality positioned Nutriculture at the forefront of hydroponic technology.


Today, we continue to uphold John's vision - that every grower should have the tools and expertise they need to achieve the highest possible yields with the best quality products.

Our in-house team of horticulturalists, biochemists and hydroponic experts delivers new products, ideas, and advice to help our community of growers succeed.

Each of our own products are developed, manufactured and tested at our Lancashire, UK site, and our range is complemented by exclusive partnerships - with trusted global brands that share our values. Quality is paramount - we take great care to ensure growers can trust Nutriculture products to deliver consistently high yields.

To make sure these standards are met, every product we sell is tested in our on-site growing facilities, which allows for continual monitoring and improvement across our range.