About Nutriculture Grow Kits

About Nutriculture Grow Kits

Nutriculture Hydroponic Systems are:

  • Designed by pioneers
  • Rooted in plant science
  • Tested with Rigor
  • Built without compromise

Designed by pioneers

Nutriculture’s founder, Dr John Molyneux is the father of British hydroponics. He was the first to design and manufacture hobby hydroponic systems for use by home-growers.

John was studying for a PHD at Liverpool University, England in the early 1970s when he conducted extensive trials on the effects of growing without soil to give roots optimum access to oxygen, water and nutrients – he was impressed by the huge yields produced.

He perfected the complex commercial hydroponic set-ups and down-scaled them to make them suitable for home-use.

He completed his doctorate and dedicated his career to bringing the benefits of the then fledgling science of hydroponics to the hobby grower…..

With a heritage like this it should be no surprise that Nutriculture hydroponic systems are the market leader in Britain.

Rooted in Plant Science

It’s all about the roots. Give roots a great balance of water, nutrients and oxygen and they’ll grow faster, stronger, healthier and produce bigger yields.

Our botanists, horticulturalists and plant geneticists start every product design project with this plant science in mind. 

Tested with Rigor

Our testing processes are famously rigorous.  Whatever the hydroponic technique we’re developing a system for – we test and develop until we are satisfied the system optimises the potential of that technique.

Every product is extensively trialled in controlled conditions at our trials complex in England and in the real-world amongst a community of growers from beginner to advanced gardener, in a range of growing situations.

Built without compromise

  • Because the Nutriculture team designs, trials and manufactures our hydroponic systems from conception to packing there’s no room for compromise. 

  • No short-cuts –no gimmicks – just hydroponic systems with every element designed to work towards faster growth, healthier plants and bigger yields.

  • No compromise means that Nutriculture hydroponic systems help growers achieve the optimum growth and yield and are hassle-free to use.

Visit our decicated grow systems website for more details about our hydroponic systems.

Watch our system videos to get an over view of how they work and why they are great in under 90 seconds.